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WELCOME to the brand new and re-branded Alley Club website! Please ignore the old one now!


What is The Alley Club exactly?

Well, primarily it's a Cambridge based Mod/60's events promotions organisation. The Alley likes to book a variety of quality local (and not so local!) bands covering the Mod/60's/Garage/Ska and Soul genres. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Usually these nights include DJ support sets (vinyl only!) but sometimes we hold DJ only nights.


Who's it run by?

It's run by long time Cambridge Mod Paul Sawtell aka Sawty with lot's of help and promo / flier distribution from various friends including John "Chids" Chidlow, Alex Nix aka RevNix, Ben “Turbo” Phillips, Iain “Dinger” Bell, Mike Bidwell, Dave Roden and Martin Hilsden to name but a few. These people can be located on facebook and indeed The Alley Club has a facebook page should you wish to have a look.

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You may have seen the above slogan on our fliers. I think it symbolises the past, the present and the future. Originally The Alley Club was situated in Falcon Yard, Cambridge City Centre and ran from '63-'66. Run by Stu Dingley, it's often fondly remembered by many original Mods, Blues fans and club goers alike. The new club has no direct connection to the old club other than the name and the fact we'd like to think the sights and sounds of the original club live on. THE SPIRIT OF MODERNISM LIVES ON!



The record label associated with the club was launched in 2017. Already we have released the cd compilation album “Beat Scene '65”, "The Mountaineer" (cd album) - Phoenix Road and "Storyboard" (vinyl single) - Coloride. Please go to our shop to order any (or all!) of the above. Many more releases are planned for the future so stay tuned! Ruby - The Grenadiers UK (AC005) has been released and Phoenix Road's second album (AC006). Also for sale through the club are T Shirts (Please email for details), DVDS, various other cds, badges and stickers. Please look at our site shop or email 


Label for promo Coloride logo side 1_sna
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There's a full list of events and dates on The Alley Club's facebook page. Please register you're going/interested (If you are!) and share the links to friends.  

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