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Classic pin badge and self adhesive sticker set, featuring Cambridge's longest established and best Mod club! 


Great for wearing on your lapels, badges have been an important part of the Mod scene since the 1979 revival having been made popular by Punks etc. a few years earlier. 


The stickers are great for DJ's' record boxes and guitar cases etc. One was apparantly left in a hotel room in Nottingham one year by someone heavily involved with The Alley Club and when he returned a year later it was still there!           Another was left on London's underground by one of the 20,000 strong Amber Army visiting Wembley stadium on their way to a Cambridge United play off final. I'm not going to try and find out who!

       The final story I have is of one being left on a lamp post and an Alley Club's friend's five year old daughter remarking "Mummy, look at that Alley Club sticker! You go there don't you?!" I don't recommend hotel rooms, undergrounds and lamp posts, only your own boxes and cases!

Alley Club sticker and badge set

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