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Alley Club Records was set up in 2017 as an “offshoot” of The Alley Club Cambridge (Established 2000). We are delighted to announce the release of our debut cd compilation album “Beat Scene ‘65”. It’s a collection of 16 bands (one track each) mainly from the current Mod/60’s scene who have played live at The Alley.


There are some exclusive tracks included, most notably the opening track and anthem by The Face, “Morning Time”. Formed in 1979, they gigged extensively till 1980, broke up and have now reformed. This is their first ever release!


The Frantics were an obscure Australian band. Although they were popular locally in Perth and gigged a lot, somehow they never got round to releasing material, that is until now!


Most other tracks have been previously issued and it is hoped if you buy and enjoy this compilation, you may wish to explore the bands a bit further, buy their other material and see them live if possible.


Small World have been a hugely popular East London/Essex band since the early 80’s and we have a version of their track released for the very first time. The Smokestack Shakers complete the “Never before released” club.


Already the album has been sold to music fans throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and even in countries such as Thailand and Australia!


Musically there’s something for everyone as the flier states: Mod, Soul, Ska, R&B, Garage, Psych and more! 2 tracks were recorded live offering something different to the other 14 tracks.


Copies can be obtained for £9.99 each, UK post free, from or on offer (£19.98) with the DVD film of the Mods Mayday 2013 Weekender “No Time Tomorrow”.


2018 plans for Alley Club Records include releasing Vol. 2 of Beat Scene ‘65. Again it’s intended to bring together the cream of current Mod/60’s bands from the UK and around the globe. Already a couple of Austrian bands have offered tracks as have UK based bands Yellowstone and Northampton’s The Keepers.


Vinyl won’t be ignored. It is hoped to release an Ipswich based band’s debut single and a special single that’ll be the “Follow up second single that never was” by an 80’s Blackpool based band. More exciting details to follow!


Beat Scene '65 compilation CD album

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